I am the Sky is an collaborative art project that transforms human fears into virtual artwords exposed publicly on a website. It is an experiment about the de-identification process of what scary us, because in reality, fears are like clouds, dissolves in the air and with time.

We can also say this is a:

  • - transformative experiment about the stories behind human fears.
  • - demonstration of the positive of impact of the collective.
  • - creative way to inspire and heal one another.
  • - test another form of expression. R + V.

Stories Behind it

Years ago, watched a documentary about Ai Weiwei, such admirable human being by the way, when an interviewer asked if he do not have fear creating something that hardly challenges the powers. He said: “yes, i have a lot of fear, that's why i do it.”

That got into my memory since then...

Years ago, i heard a statement from a consciousness i follow, saying that all we fear will pass by, which in spiritual level means, a disidentification with bad event that happens to us, or not even judge them. “Just let it go, because we are the sky not the clouds.”

That got into my soul since then...

1. Pick a fear

You can represent it with an image, sound or text.

2. Transform into art

You are the artist, give your unique touch to it.

3. Exhibit and Share

Now the world can see and feel the result in our virtual space.

click here to add images of your work
  • We need you to upload a Main Image.
Recognition – NoComercial (by-nc)
It allows the construction of derivative works that are not used commercially.
You can use the original work for commercial purposes.

This project was possible thanks to the collaboration and support of White Lab Gallery Madrid

the talent and courage of the artists...

the huge collaboration of:

Andrea Herrada as art curator & Pablo Martín Burgos web developer

and the iniciative of Raco